Glass Cutting Saws

There are many tools that you will need to finish projects around your house, and one of the most important tools that you will is a glass saw. Glass cutting saws are the perfect tool to help you as you place in a new window, create your own glass patterns, repair your bathroom, and many other tasks that require glass to be cut.

Rather than opting for the more expensive option of purchasing glass grinder bits, glass saws can be a cheaper investment that actually works more effectively. Glass saws make cutting glass easy, and you can easily cut pieces of glass with straight edges. You may find that cutting large pieces of glass is far easier with glass cutting saws than will glass grinder bits, and each tool has their own particular use.

When replacing a window or putting in a new one, it is vital that you have a pane of glass that has straight and even edges. Using a glass grinder bit will simply take too long and is far too inaccurate. Glass cutting saws are designed to quickly and effectively cut through panes of glass, and you can be sure that your glass will be cut correctly when using glass saws.

Often glass cutters work well for thin panes, but they are unable to handle the larger, thicker panes of reinforced or fused glass. When handling thicker or stronger panes of glass, cutting saws are the best thing to use, as they are designed to cut through thick panes as easily as a tile cutter can cut through porcelain.

There are three kinds of glass saws commercially available today:

Wire saws use diamond blades that can cut in any given direction, similar to the way a jigsaw is able to handle twists and turns when cutting wood. This kind of saw tends to heat the glass fairly quickly, so it is vital to keep your glass wet.

Ring saws use a circular blade that is coated with diamonds to chop through the glass. They are able to cut in most directions, and they are more versatile than the average band saws. A drawback to using ring saws is that the blade used to cut through the glass is thicker than the band saw, meaning that more of the glass is lost when using ring saws.

Band saws cut through glass with a diamond tipped blade, and they are the most common type of glass saw available. The blade simply cuts through when it is pressed firmly onto it, though it remains flexible and bendable enough to etch intricate and detailed patterns into the glass.

It is vital that you keep wetting the glass you are cutting when using cutting saws. Glass saws heat up the glass with all of its friction, and you could end up with a chipped and cracked pane of glass if you don't keep adding water to the pane to keep it from heating up too much.


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